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CoNet creates a platform independent mobile solution for ERDI

ERDI Verkeerstechniek (Traffic Engineering) in Zaandam is a prominent manufacturer of, among other things, traffic restricting solutions. These solutions are applied in many cities nationwide and mainly consist of traffic bollards and barriers that physically restrict traffic paired with a control system. This so called “vezip” (verzinkbare paal = retractable bollard) is operated from the…
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Dutch Cocoa upgrades PCS 7 to version V8.0 SP1

At some point the die has to be cast and the decision to implement a major upgrade is made. This was the case at Dutch Cocoa. In order to prevent incompatibility and further guarantee operational reliability, it was decided to upgrade the current PCS 7 system. Version v6.1 had to be replaced by v8.0 SP1.…
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Malfunctioning bridge – CoNet to the rescue

Malfunctioning bridge – CoNet to the rescue The province of Flevoland suffered an annoying and potentially even dangerous problem. By an inexplicable reason the remotely operated Noordersluis in Lelystad sometimes failed to close correctly. In  the video below you can see what the potentially dangerous situation this causes. The bridge and road closures occasionally do…
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