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CoNet creates a platform independent mobile solution for ERDI

ERDI Verkeerstechniek (Traffic Engineering) in Zaandam is a prominent manufacturer of, among other things, traffic restricting solutions. These solutions are applied in many cities nationwide and mainly consist of traffic bollards and barriers that physically restrict traffic paired with a control system. This so called “vezip” (verzinkbare paal = retractable bollard) is operated from the…
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Collaboration CoNet and VX Company – Partners in IT

CoNet and VX Company have entered into a long-term collaboration in the field of software development and management. "We have always made tools en developed applications and implemented them successfully with clients," says Eric Bakker of CoNet. "But everyone did it in their own way. It was time to professionalise this process. VX Company is…
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Dutch Cocoa SQL Data Writer

The company Dutch Cocoa produces high-grade cocoa products for the chocolate, dairy and cosmetic industry world-wide. In the Amsterdam cocoa plant, cocoa beans from Africa, South-America, Middle-America, South-East Asia and Brazil are transformed into cocoa mass, cocoa powder and cocoa butter. These products are then exported to countries around the globe. Dutch Cocoa is part…
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