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A passion for offshore wind platforms

Working on and with offshore wind platforms requires specific knowledge and experience. The circumstances are very different from those on land, therefore a different set of regulations applies. “It is an exciting and challenging environment to be working in”, according to Jeroen Weemhoff, a consultant with Siemens Partner CoNet. For the past year Jeroen lived…
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OKAY Industrial Systems B.V. – a weighty task!

Often, an image tells a far better store than text or words can do. In this case, that image shows an enormous crane. More precisely; a 2500 ton crane on-board the vessel Stanislav Yudin. OKAY Industrial Systems B.V. commisioned CoNet to deploy her skills in Step 7 en PLC programming. A challenging job, with over 800 digital en…
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Allseas – crane control under the microscope

A ship with a length of 382m, built by Daewoo in South Korea and "final outfitting" in January 2015 in Rotterdam arrived and operational from mid-2016. CoNet was asked to take up the crane and lift control. There was the e.e.a. wrong with the crane control. In particular, the software proved incomplete and therefore unreliable…
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