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Hilton Meats – better and easier

Continuously and actively improving your production environment, quality and process management. Something the people at Hilton Meats in Zaandam know everything about. This time they expressed the wish to better manage recipe data, including the related parameters and the impact on production. And of course, CoNet Zaandam stepped up to the plate! In technical terms this was…
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Tata Steel – always seeking improvement

In the highly competitive steel market, any improvement to a process results in a direct profit increase. Whether it is to improve the technical report and feedback system, or just reducing product wastage. Optimizing is the main goal. Tata felt that her DVL3 was up for some serious improvements. Not only was the process reporting…
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Allseas – crane control under the microscope

A ship with a length of 382m, built by Daewoo in South Korea and "final outfitting" in January 2015 in Rotterdam arrived and operational from mid-2016. CoNet was asked to take up the crane and lift control. There was the e.e.a. wrong with the crane control. In particular, the software proved incomplete and therefore unreliable…
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