Working in software engineering. What a dream job!

Ready to investigate, experiment, try and learn. The ultimate goal of our new Medium Voltage Engineer.

CoNet is the Siemens specialist for optimization, automation, and advice. We work with Siemens products like no one else and can answer all the questions regarding Siemens automation. From advice and engineering to maintenance, we are the single point of contact for your medium voltage protection and automation.

We have a drive for what we do, and that shows in CoNet’s continued growth. That is why we are looking for people who want to work with us.


Make Yourself Uncomfortable 

We are a team of modern technicians. With an emphasis on team. And modern. And techie. With our combined knowledge, we can handle just about any installation. The more difficult it gets, the more we like it. That is appreciated not only in salary but also with a pat on the shoulder, great events, and after-work drinks. Sounds good?


Want to Know More?

We have some big names as customers. Those brands are exactly why we need to have some great engineers around. By “around,” we mean in our office factories – The Verkade factory in Zaandam or the Van Nelle in Rotterdam. Buildings with style, grace, and a bar.


True Professional

Below you will find a list of our requirements. There are none. We believe that it’s really not up to us to tell you what an outstanding Medium Voltage Engineer is about. You might even know that part better than we do. So tell us. Please fill in the form down below. Let’s get in touch, and we’ll take it from there.


CoNet. Our Process, Your Progress!