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Simplifying what is complex


This is what we do


The Siemens specialist for process optimization, advice and automation


This is who we are


Engineering, maintenance and consultancy


This is how we do it



The CoNet company is downright idiosyncratic. Something you can tell from the flat organizational structure for instance. Everyone is treated as an equal at CoNet, we do not categorize people. We think it is very important that working together is also pleasurable. That is why we have this long table at the office where we all enjoy our lunches together. Another idiosyncratic tic of ours: are work method is exclusively project based. In fact: our employees’ involvement in a project is always from A to Z. They don’t do some of this and some of that. That is not the case: everybody does everything at CoNet.


What exactly do we have to offer?

Engineering professionals specialized in the automation and optimization of technical and logistical processes, making them more manageable to boot.

Maintenance experts who know everything there is to know about the safeguarding and monitoring of production environment continuity. Being on call 24/7 is completely natural to them.

Consultancy experts with a very wide knowledge network regarding legacy systems. You can trust them to handle any migration route.


Tailor made

Our core business is offering tailor made solutions to industrial clients, both domestic and international. Companies such as Cargill, Tata Steel, Unilever, Dupont, Paramelt, Dutch Cocoa, Linde Gas and HVC. Finding solutions to complex issues for these giant corporations, it’s all in a day’s work for us. We don’t care about the branch they are active in. We have extensive experience in many branches – renewable energy, food stuff, chemicals, bulk, steel, pulp and paper, oil and gas, water, infra structure, energy/efficiency, consumer goods – one more area of expertise is never a problem.


Top of the bill

However different our clients may be, they have one thing in common: they all expect us to come up with top of the bill automation solutions in order to render their operational processes even safer, more efficient and more competitive. Well, luckily there is nothing we like more than racking our brains until we come up with the best possible solution.

Cooperation is key. Not just cooperating with the principal – to us that is a given – but also with each other. This the way it works at CoNet: if one colleague encounters difficulties at some point, the others step up to the plate and help him. Two (or three or ten) still know more than one. Our motto is ‘Think together, Work together and Grow together’ and we live by it. That is how we always come up with a solution at CoNet. Always!


Great results.

And some really nice compliments.

What about this one for instance? Alex Brondsema, an HVC heat supply manager: “We look back upon an agreeable cooperation with the people from CoNet. They were very open, personal and skilled. The implementation of the new system brought us everything we had in mind, and much more.”

Or this one? Jan Freriks, Paramelt Veendam: “Thanks to the tools put in place, Paramelt can now better manage the process and work in a more precise way. Process speed is up, costs are down, and reporting has become more reliable. Stock management and logistics have improved, and we end up with less residual stock as an added bonus. For us the investment has more than paid off.”

OK, one more. Marcel Oudejans, planner electro & instrumentation for Chemtura: “Our operators are now very familiar with PCS7. The system’s possibilities are enormous. We discover and use more and more new functions. We couldn’t be happier than we are with CoNet’s solution.”


What drives us

People often ask us: what drives you guys? Well these, amongst other things: challenging assignments, complex issues, fascinating companies, domestic and international adventures, passionate people, unique industrial settings, happy customers, togetherness, and the boundless possibilities … At CoNet there are almost as many drivers as there are solutions. The bottom line is: at CoNet we just ENJOY what we do. Each and every day. And we are more than happy to share this attitude with our principals.


A household name for 20 years now

It all started about twenty years ago. Marco Ootes and Cees Hus were both working for René van het Kaar’s machine factory. Midway through the nineties the company fell on hard times and went broke. Right at that moment a new, promising assignment from Tata Steel was received.

Marco Ootes: “The three of us decided to start a new company; CoNet. Soon we realized that we could very well become the best player in the Factory domain. How? By specializing in the product called Siemens. We were right. Now in 2017 we have become - with 45 staff and about 50.000 engineering hours annually – the market leader regarding Siemens PCS 7 Process. On top of that we are the only certified PCS 7 Process Safety Specialist and the first Siemens COMOS partner in the Netherlands.”


Verkade and Van Nelle

‘Keep The Dutch Industry Alive’ is a movement we have wholeheartedly joined up with. Take for instance the fact that since 2006 we are based in the former Verkade chocolate factory in Zaandam; a unique piece of industrial legacy we proudly help preserve. We’ve recently rented an extra floor in the building and fitted it with all the amenities, like shower rooms, a large chill-out couch and a Wii. The same can be said for our Rotterdam facility, housed in the Van Nelle Factory. Another industrial feelgood environment where our engineers feel right at home.



Tech companies always need to think ten steps ahead. And that is exactly what we do at CoNet. Sustainable energy, green energy, blue energy, smart grid: these are all subjects we have been working with for a long time. Wind farms at sea? We play our part at the global level. We have set our eyes on becoming the best and biggest player in the Netherlands in this field too. Or why not in all of Europe. Or the world. That is our degree of idiosyncrasy.