CONET was founded to provide professional engineering solutions for the industrial environment and due to the excellence in team work with our suppliers, partners and you the customer we now have the opportunity to service in a new area, providing training solutions for industry technology applications. Beyond the traditional courses offered, Conet offers the possibility to develop Staff that will not only allow for better understanding of the product in the application but also improve implementation, service and maintenance of the application and knowledge of the complete system by adapting to your individual requirements. You determine the content – from the overview to special knowledge

Our services include:

  • Training Analysis created from the employee’s KPIs and plant application.
  • Customized Training designed to meet skills needs.
  • Follow-up with workshops and refreshing of knowledge acquired.

With our combined knowledge of the industrial automation and process control we offer some 150 years’ experience and expertise.

Our training, which are customer application driven, cover the entire spectrum of industrial automation applications with various products.

Our expertise covers all aspects of industrial applications from concept to productivity.

“Highly qualified employees are a key success factor for any organization. The continuation of skills development and experienced knowledge strengthens a company’s competitive situation and pioneering ability. Our training courses for industry will help you achieve this objective efficiently because CONET provide directly applicable knowledge through Product, software and experience.”

Your benefits:

  • 100% relevant training contents
  • System-related examples
  • Individual exercise possibilities

Our offer to you:

  • Training sessions with individual contents
  • Optimum timeliness with regards to schedule and duration
  • Almost anywhere in the world
  • In the CoNet Training Center, in your company, at your customer
  • Mobile training equipment and experienced instructors guarantee a high course quality also for courses on your premises

For more information or questions please Contact us at CoNet.