Machine Manufacturing

From the founding of CoNet in 1996 to the present day, we have been actve in machine manufacturing. Moreover: CoNet was founded by three colleagues who worked in a machine buidling company for years. Perhaps this is the reason that machine building has a special pull for us. We know that every machine and every client is unique. Even though, as machine builder, you try to standardise as much as possible, every machine needs to be customised. What we mainly do for our clients from the machine building industry, is the automation of the machines to the wishes of their customers. This way, we can transform ‘standard’ machines into custom machines fully attuned to the situation of the client. Thanks to standard solutions, we can also easily adjust and upgrade existing machines.

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Completed projects in this sector:
  • OKAY Industrial Systems B.V. – a weighty task!
    Often, an image tells a far better store than text or words can do. In this case, that image shows an enormous crane. More precisely; a 2500 ton crane on-board the vessel Stanislav Yudin. OKAY Industrial Systems B.V. commisioned CoNet to deploy her skills in Step 7 en PLC programming. A challenging job, with over 800 digital en 100 analogue IO's. CoNet intention Continue Reading
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  • Cargill Germany – Multiple Press migration
    To prepared for future expansions and improve it's efficiency and "up-time" even further, Cargill Berlin decided to migrate 9 of its cocoa presses from the current S5 and S7 to the PCS 7 platform. Partly because of the limited support available locally, but also due to the knowledge of Cargill's production environment in general and PCS 7 migrations in particular, CoNet Continue Reading
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  • Van Dam and CoNet challenge the limits.
    Challenges come in various categories. Sometimes they are really "geeky"; what if in a production process, the throughput of articles approaches the cycle time of the controlling PLC ? Many engineer will be stimulated by such a challenge. The CoNet engineers not the least! Amsterdam-based company Van Dam manufactures dry offset printing machines. These machines are capable of printing plastic packaging Continue Reading
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