Infra technology concerns the automation of bridges, locks, tunnels, roads and traffic centres. Think of the matrix signs above highways that indicate the speed and the lanes cars may or may not rive on, in order to further the movement and safety on the roads. Together with partners, at CoNet we have realised many leading infra technological projects.

Questions about telemetry and traffic control installations (TCIs)? Contact us at CoNet.


Completed projects in this sector:
  • Dutch Cocoa upgrades PCS 7 to version V8.0 SP1
    Dutch Cocoa upgrades PCS 7 to version V8.0 SP1 A moment in times comes when that major upgrade simply has to be executed. No more delays and excuses! This was the case at Dutch Cacoa BV. In order to avoid incompatibility and in order to ensure reliability it was decided to upgrade the current PCS system 7 from version v6.1 to ...
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  • Malfunctioning bridge – CoNet to the rescue
    Malfunctioning bridge – CoNet to the rescue The province of Flevoland suffered an annoying and potentially even dangerous problem. By an inexplicable reason the remotely operated Noordersluis in Lelystad sometimes failed to close correctly. In  the video below you can see what the potentially dangerous situation this causes. The bridge and road closures occasionally do not close or - even ...
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