For the production of chemicals, safety is of the utmost importance. At CoNet we have a lot of experience with this. For years, we have been active in the chemical sector, both in the area of ‘brown field plants’ as well as ‘green field plants’. In the first instance, this concerns the migration of existing factories, where for upgraded the automation to Siemens S7 or PCS 7 systems for many clients. In the second case, this concerns the construction of totally new factories, where our clients are happy to use our knowledge in the area of batch processes and recipes. Whether it concerns migrations, safety projects or the expansion of various installations: with our experience in the chemical industry – both national as well as international – we can make a very valuable contribution for our clients.

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Completed projects in this sector:
  • DOW Terneuzen – cooling tower overhaul
    DOW Terneuzen - cooling tower overhaul At DOW Terneuzen, the process control of a cooling tower was due for a complete overhaul. CoNet was asked to engineer the process to meet contemporary standards.  Furthermore, the possibility to generate alerts via SMS or email was expressed. A nice project! As one thing often leads to another, this project provided several opportunities ...
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  • DuPont waste water treatment project.
    As a System Integrator, you like your project involvement to start in an as early as possible stage. So, when DuPont asked us to participate in the drafting stage of the functional design of their waste water treatment control systems,  we were eager to join in. In the next phase of this project, CoNet was used to actually develop and ...
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  • DuPont – upgrades PCS 7 to v7.1SP3
    Process software can become obsolete or newer software versions are released.  Usually, upgrading the process control system has many advantages; increased functionality and better integration with other process components. However, a risk also exists; a badly implemented conversion or upgrade can jeopardise the production process’ continuity, resulting in something that should always be avoided…production down-time! DuPont commissioned CoNet Rotterdam to ...
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  • ICL goes virtual and chooses Siemens Historian
    It was time for ICL Fertilizers to upgrade their current analytic process tools and they chose a solution with Siematic IT Historian. CoNet was picked to realize this nice project and also took it upon them to update the system to the most recent Siematic PCS 7 version. Historian is set of software functionalities with regard to Data Management, Plant ...
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  • DuPont continues the PCS 7 standard
    The DuPont Surlyn plant was equipped with S7-style based process control with inhouse developed S7 blocks inside PCS 7. CoNet was asked to convert these to the PCS 7 standard, while existing functionality needed to be upheld. DuPont's Surlyn fabriek kende een proces aansturing die binnen PCS 7 gebaseerd was op S7-stijl met zelf ontwikkelde S7 blokken. CoNet werd gevraagd ...
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