Today, everything is running perfectly….!

Can I assume that my systems and processes will still run the same next quarter as they do now?
And should I be satisfied with that?”

As the person in charge of the process, you might face questions such as:

  • How do things stand with regard to the productivity and output of my systems?
  • What about replacement parts, now and later?
  • How will the maintenance costs develop over time?
  • Can I count on continued (software and hardware) support?
  • What about the reliability of the Process Control System?

Obsolescence, ongoing technological developments and the increasingly frequent replacement cycle mean that these are the questions that arise.

Should you have to be bothered by them, though? After all, keeping up with technological developments, researching and assessing the latest tools and technical marvels is not part of your core business. This is where CoNet Migration is able to put its wide-ranging know-how and experience to use as your partner.

Nice to have vs Need to have.

CoNet Migration is specialised in researching and assessing older Process Control Systems and migrating these legacy DCS systems to the automation systems of tomorrow. What is essential is that we distinguish between “nice to have” and “need to have”. It is you, the customer, who determines this.

CoNet Migration offers:

  • Independent advice (CoNet Migration is not a “supplier”)
  • Proven success in migrations
  • Customer-orientation
  • Flexible organisation