Food & Beverages

However small the Netherlands are, our country is one of the largest food & beverage producers in the world. A large part of the food & beverage sector has originally been located in the Zaanstreek. It is no coincidence that CoNet is located in the heart of the food industry, namely the former Verkade Factory in Zaandam. We indeed know the food & beverage sector inside out. We know that the production has to comply with the highest quality requirements and has to continue at all times. With regards to the production of food and beverages, we have much to offer. Here, we are not only talking about knowledge of automation systems. We also have thorough knowledge of the content of this sector.

Are you active in the food & beverage sector and would you like more information about batch, route control, tracking & tracing, standards for code, operation and/or visualisation philosophy? Contact us at CoNet.


Completed projects in this sector:
  • Masterclass CoNet during the Siemens Food & Beverage event
    In order to keep up with global developments, digitalization is essential for the Dutch Food & Beverage-sector as well. During the masterclass event ‘Working together on the digital transition in Food & Beverage’, which was held March 12th(2019), Siemens and their solution partners laid the groundwork in order to speed things up in close cooperation with the producers in this ...
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  • Dutch Cocoa SQL Data Writer
    The company Dutch Cocoa produces high-grade cocoa products for the chocolate, dairy and cosmetic industry world-wide. In the Amsterdam cocoa plant, cocoa beans from Africa, South-America, Middle-America, South-East Asia and Brazil are transformed into cocoa mass, cocoa powder and cocoa butter. These products are then exported to countries around the globe. Dutch Cocoa is part of Ecom Agroindustrial Corporation Ltd, ...
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  • Commissioning in Indonesia
    Commissioning in Indonesia Commissioning is fun! All work prior to this had one single objective; enabling to produce better/safer/more reliable. This time CoNet was involved in a special commissioning project; we were conducting it in Indonesia! The relationship between Royal Duyvis Wiener bv and CoNet is a long-term one. Thus, that we were allowed this task was not a huge ...
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  • Royaan improves her process quality & efficiency.
    Royaan improves her process quality & efficiency. With the ambition to further manage her process quality and efficiency, Royaan sought a way to improve logging of production data and benefit from this information. Primary goal was to enable the process operators an easier was to enter production data. If possible, data input should also be automated in process. Technically, it was a ...
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  • DMV enhances her grip on quality
    DMV enhances her grip on quality "Quality assurance and monitoring of all process components" is more than a stringe of words to Veghel based DMV. The project to automate the new WPC plant was awarded to the combination Van Dooren Engineers & CoNet Rotterdam. A major project involving URS , FDS , TDS and finally the the actual implementation! Monitoring ...
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  • Cargill Berlin – another international challenge
    It is no secret that CoNet has the ambition to expand her territory internationally. So, Cargill's request to help replace an aging DOS2000 system at her location in Berlin, Germany was enthusiastically welcomed! The project went beyond simply replacing the DOS2000 system. PCS7 also had to be deployed to replace the existing InTouch visualization software and the S7 hardware. Furthermore, ...
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  • Cargill Germany – Multiple Press migration
    To prepared for future expansions and improve it's efficiency and "up-time" even further, Cargill Berlin decided to migrate 9 of its cocoa presses from the current S5 and S7 to the PCS 7 platform. Partly because of the limited support available locally, but also due to the knowledge of Cargill's production environment in general and PCS 7 migrations in particular, CoNet ...
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  • Upscaling processes – both a challenge and an opportunity!
    Upscaling process components is a critical process. Allocating financial means in an too early state, might lead to investments in non-critical process area. But postponing investments might lead to a mismatch between production capacity and (market) demands, opening a window for less well thought panic investments and expansions. Cargill was well aware of these challenges; their expansion goal was to ...
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  • Nieuwe fabriek Dutch Cocoa geautomatiseerd met Simatic PCS 7
    De nieuwe fabriek van Dutch Cocoa ligt – hoe toepasselijk – aan de Koffieweg in Amsterdam. Grote schepen voeren hier bonen aan uit Afrika, Zuid-Amerika, Midden-Amerika, Zuid-Oost Azië en Brazilië. Deze vijf regio’s leveren bonen met elk hun eigen specifieke eigenschappen en toepassingsmogelijkheden. Dan hebben we het niet alleen over toepassingen in voedingsmiddelen, maar ook in cosmetische en farmaceutische producten ...
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  • Hilton Meats – better and easier
    Continuously and actively improving your production environment, quality and process management. Something the people at Hilton Meats in Zaandam know everything about. This time they expressed the wish to better manage recipe data, including the related parameters and the impact on production. And of course, CoNet Zaandam stepped up to the plate! In technical terms this was a project where we applied ...
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  • Cargill upgrades Aurora 1 to PCS 7
    A factory maintenance stop is should be as short as possible, whilst still using the downtime to overhaul and update as much systems and functionality as possible. In a way, a stop is the best moment and ultimate opportunity to get a increasingly outdated process section to meet the latest standards and functionality. Cargill had planned a maintenance stop for ...
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