CoNet Energy provides the services and solutions for the Siemens energy and digital/smart grid portfolio. Since 2019, CoNet is the first Siemens added value Partner for Digital Grid in addition to Certified Solution Partner for SIMATIC PCS7 from Siemens. As a result, our customers have a single point of contact for both their energy questions and process and factory automation.

For consultancy or projectmanagement for (specific) projects, help or guidance setting up a control philosophy or framework, communication systems, cyber security, etc. With all these subjects we can help you.

Services we provide:

  • Programming, implementing, testing and commissioning of Siemens SIPROTEC 4 and 5 field equipment for protection, control, monitoring and measurement applications in electrical energy systems.
  • After a trip or for example control or interlock problem, we will visit you and read out the SIPROTEC for you and do an initial evaluation and / or check (including SIGRA / COMTRADE files) what caused the trip, or fault.
  • Programming, implementing, testing and commissioning of Reyrolle protection equipment from Siemens.
  • Testing by secondary injection of currents and voltages with Omicron test equipment.
  • Networks and communication including cyber security. Also, for connection to 3rd party systems and links with existing process automation, TIA or SCADA / PCS7.
  • Power quality and management.
  • SENTRON PAC energy measurements.
  • Energy Manager and Mindsphere solutions (also in combination with TIA / PCS7).
  • Energy / efficiency (Energy / Efficiency)
  • Renewables, like windparks and  including off-shore services (Renewable Energy)
  • Application and devices of the Siemens SICAM portfolio including:
    • SICAM Q100 / Q200 and P850 / P50 energy measurements
    • SICAM Power Automation System (PAS) for the automation of sub-stations
    • SICAM SCC visualization system
    • SICAM PQS (Collection and archiving or fault record and power quality (PQ) data)

For more information you can also see the sector Energy page or the Projects page on this website.

If you have questions or a need for other services concerning energy, please Contact us at CoNet.