The steel industry is one of the last remaining robust industries in the Netherlands. Typical of the steel sector is that the processes are heavy and expansive, and especially that the costs of transport are high. In CoNet’s view: projects in heavy industry – especially the steel industry – always make our heart beat faster. The first project that we completed twenty years ago was a project for Tata Steel, still the Hoogovens at the time. Since then we have never left the Tata Steel grounds.

Tata Steel in IJmuiden has a unique position due to its location by the water. The raw materials can be easily loaded onto the dock from the ship, to then be transported with large cranes and the powerful machines across the factory grounds. It is obvious that basically every automation in the steel process provides significant savings. Therefore, automation in this sector is a continual process, because things can always be more efficient, sustainable and cheaper.

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Completed projects in this sector:
  • Tata Steel – KB22 Safety review
    Tata Steel - KB22 Safety review Tata Steel challenged CoNet with the following task: "Investigate and test the safety of KW22, increase the insight in existing safety systems, design new procedures enabling self-testing of all safety aspects and facilitate the logging of all generated safety data". Yes, safety should be managed! An important aspects of the assignment was the revision ...
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  • Tata Steel: “Increase both OEE and final product quality”
    Tata Steel: “Increase both OEE and final product quality" Tata Steel sets high standards for its products and people. CoNet was asked to help increase the Overall Equipmenet Effectiviness (OEE) of the Coil Packaging Line (CPL). Tata was serious, as the clear scope of the assignment proofed. Not only was a CoNet Engineer temporarily seconded on site, CoNet was also ...
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  • Tata Steel extends service contract with CoNet
    Tata Steel has granted the preventive service contract for Koudwals 22 (KW22) to CoNet again. The KW22 is a brand-new installation that has been running with Siemens’ latest automation technology since 2008. CoNet had obtained the maintenance contract for this installation earlier. Based on mutual trust and positive experiences throughout the past period, the service contract has been extended until ...
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  • Tata Steel – always seeking improvement
    In the highly competitive steel market, any improvement to a process results in a direct profit increase. Whether it is to improve the technical report and feedback system, or just reducing product wastage. Optimizing is the main goal. Tata felt that her DVL3 was up for some serious improvements. Not only was the process reporting system in need of improvement, ...
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