CoNet Maintenance’s mission is to safeguard and monitor the continuity of your production environment. This is done based on a professional service and maintenance division. Because your organization’s continuity – and that of our principal with it – is at stake.

Thanks to 24/7 availability and two sites  CoNet Maintenance can get there fast when the situation calls for it. Of course we’d rather prevent this kind of situation by concluding, in consultation with the client, a service agreement in which periodic maintenance is established. These service contracts are all tailor made.

Because we are specialists with regard to Siemens hard and software, CoNet Maintenance is able to solve any problem occurring in connection with S5, S7 and PCS 7 systems, expertly and quickly. After all, we want to keep your Process in Progress.


  • Instruction/introduction manual
  • 24/7 Breakdown service incl. standby and follow up
  • Standard product range
  • PCS7, PLC S5/S7, Simatic Net, Simatic HMI
  • Master drives
  • Specials in consultation (e.g. Sinumerik/M7)
  • Remote service (dial into the installation)


  • Standardized check lists

Management Hazardous Parts

  • Periodic check up for numbers/firmware/advice

Profibus measurement

With the help of profibus,  information is exchanged between components such as sensors, controllers and PLCs. CoNet’s Maintenance division possesses the expertise necessary to test and map your Profibus. Our engineers have been trained by Procentec, the Profibus training institute in the Netherlands, for this specific domain.
Click here for more info on our Profibus measuring solutions.

CoNet Maintenance was set up to function as an extension of your own technical service and/or development department.

CoNet Maintenance’s engineers possess a broad knowledge of Siemens automation systems, drives, instrumentation and several field-bus systems. They can give your technical service department 24/7support in technical matters.

Stand-by service

stand-by service is available which is deployed with an agreed upon attack time. This way the response time is established beforehand and CoNet really commits to the service level that was agreed upon.

CoNet offers corrective service for, amongst other things:

Process continuity can be further safeguarded by implementing specific preventive maintenance. To this end CoNet has developed carefully compiled check lists. We also perform periodic data backups so that we are able to apply corrections and/or modifications in a timely manner and thus take care of the service-update. Every time after performing preventive maintenance, CoNet will establish a report with tips to improve your system/installation.

Hazardous parts service

Additional agreements can be made regarding an installation’s hazardous parts. The installation’s periodic check can be extended to the determined hazardous parts, possibly based on the analysis of the installation’s history.

CoNet performs preventive maintenance for, amongst others:

It is a well known fact that process control is getting ever more complex. Despite convenient tools and smart user interfaces, a growing number of connections and possibilities routinely needs to be processed. As a logical consequence industrial automation also faces program expansion and (update) installation CDs.

CoNet Maintenance Portal

CoNet has established a control environment with a single objective in mind: making licenses and updates manageable.
In this approach we use our own CoNet Maintenance Portal.

Remote monitoring

It can be problematic when external staff is physically present in a production environment. In such cases it is beneficial to set up Remote Management. Thus “remote” monitoring of your systems by CoNet is enabled. This system can be set up in such a way that possible malfunctions may be resolved from a distance.

Dedicated hardware from Siemens, especially designed for remote Services, forms the basis for Remote Management. These connections are – of course – fully secured and any data transferred will be thoroughly encrypted.

Looking over your shoulder

Remote Management solutions depend on your specific installation. CoNet uses state-of-the-art components and protocols, such as IP KVM, RDP and possibly VNC, in order to be able to look over the shoulders of your operators or even take control of the engineering station. Thanks to the new PLC’s, panels, Controllers and a (web) connection it is now possible to look into the system “over your shoulders”, in real-time.

Managing your installation’s data is often complicated as it can be spread out over several sites. CoNet has developed a Customer Support Portal dedicated to the management of installation and  process data.

CoNet Maintenance Portal can be deployed for:

  • Asset management
  • Change requests
  • Documentation
  • Back-ups
  • Service reports
  • License/software management
  • Project management

Within its organization, CoNet has engineers at the ready who possess both the required expertise and the professional tools needed to map your entirePROFIBUS network. You will receive a report, based on a measurement, in which your entire PROFIBUS network, as well as possible recommendations and/or critical bottlenecks, will be shown.

We aim to work in a preventive manner and get an understanding of the profibus’ quality at the same time. This makes it possible to identify weaknesses in the chain on time in order to prevent defects from occurring.

Do you want to know more about these measurements? Feel free to contact us.

CoNet Maintenance can map your entire production control system. In order to do this we use several tools and check lists. After the baseline measurement you will receive an extensive report in which the components, settings and parameters used are described.

CoNet uses the Maintenance Portals for the purpose of mapping your installations.

CoNet Maintenance has the ability of mapping all of your Assets and their firmware versions.

Software Update Service

CoNet outlines the licenses that are necessary and already acquired. SUS (Software Update Service) contracts can be difficult to manage. This is due to the frequency updates happen with. There is also the chance that the oversight will get blurred; which upgrade goes with which license? CoNet has extensive experience in this field and keeps track of licenses via the Customer Service Portal.