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CoNet creates a platform independent mobile solution for ERDI

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ERDI Verkeerstechniek (Traffic Engineering) in Zaandam is a prominent manufacturer of, among other things, traffic restricting solutions. These solutions are applied in many cities nationwide and mainly consist of traffic bollards and barriers that physically restrict traffic paired with a control system. This so called “vezip” (verzinkbare paal = retractable bollard) is operated from the control system and checked by means of process control.

ERDI has expressed the wish of being able to operate such installations from an iPhone. It goes without saying that such has to be secured – log on screen and a secure line – and another requirement was that it should be possible to log all mobile actions. The solution that CoNet came up with did what the client wanted, but with a few extras. A web-based solution was created which allows for platform independence. Controlling is not limited to just iOS devices, but also works for Android and Windows Mobile systems!

Technically speaking the solution consists of a HTML 5 website with a shell especially for mobile use. This application is used with the existing CMS system. The result being a fast system that can be approached without a computer (but also with a computer of course!) capable of controlling traffic restricting measures locally. Add to that the fact that the CoNet solution does not require installing an application on the mobile device or laptop/PC, which really simplifies maintenance.