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CoNet creates a platform independent mobile solution for ERDI

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ERDI Verkeerstechniek: Enhancing Traffic Restricting Solutions with Mobile Control

ERDI Verkeerstechniek (Traffic Engineering), based in Zaandam, is a renowned manufacturer of various traffic restricting solutions. These solutions are widely implemented in cities across the country and primarily consist of traffic bollards and barriers that physically limit traffic access, integrated with a control system. The control system operates a retractable bollard known as “vezip” (verzinkbare paal) and is monitored using process control.

Mobile Operation with Enhanced Security

ERDI expressed their desire to operate these installations using an iPhone, with a strong emphasis on security measures such as a secure login screen and encrypted communication. Additionally, the client required the capability to log all actions performed through mobile devices. While meeting these specifications, CoNet, a technology solution provider, went beyond the client’s expectations by incorporating extra features. They devised a web-based solution that ensures platform independence, enabling control not only through iOS devices but also on Android and Windows Mobile systems.

Technical Solution: A Web-Based Application

Technically, the solution developed by CoNet involves a HTML5 website specifically designed for mobile usage, integrated with the existing CMS system. This implementation delivers a swift system accessible not only from computers but also from mobile devices, allowing for convenient control of local traffic restricting measures. Notably, CoNet’s solution eliminates the need for installing dedicated applications on mobile devices or laptops/PCs, streamlining the maintenance process.

Advantages of CoNet’s Solution

  • Platform Independence: The web-based solution developed by CoNet ensures compatibility across different operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile, expanding the range of devices capable of controlling traffic restricting measures.
  • Enhanced Security: The incorporation of a secure login screen and encrypted communication safeguards the system from unauthorized access and protects sensitive data.
  • Comprehensive Action Logging: CoNet’s solution enables the logging of all actions performed through mobile devices, allowing for detailed tracking and monitoring of traffic control operations.
  • Ease of Use: With CoNet’s solution, accessing and controlling the traffic restricting measures becomes more convenient as the system can be approached without the need for a computer. However, it remains fully compatible with computer-based access for users who prefer traditional methods.
  • Simplified Maintenance: CoNet’s solution eliminates the requirement for installing additional applications on mobile devices or laptops/PCs, reducing complexity and facilitating maintenance processes.

In conclusion, ERDI Verkeerstechniek’s collaboration with CoNet has resulted in an innovative solution that enhances the control and operation of traffic restricting measures. The web-based application developed by CoNet offers platform independence, robust security measures, comprehensive action logging, user-friendly access, and simplified maintenance. With these advancements, ERDI can now manage their installations conveniently using mobile devices, ensuring efficient traffic management across various platforms and operating systems.

To learn more about CoNet’s solutions and discuss how they can benefit your traffic engineering needs, please contact their sales team at They will be happy to provide further information and assist you in finding the right solution for your requirements.