High Spirits at the CoNet Cycling Tour

The annual CoNet Cycling Tour, a highlight at CoNet, took place recently. On Saturday, September 2nd, forty cyclists, including CoNet employees and clients, raced through the scenic North-Holland landscape.

The Bike Fest Kicks Off

The cycling adventure began at CoNet’s HQ in Zaandam, the former Verkade factory. Cyclists, well-prepared and eager, fueled up with coffee and cookies before the ride. John Koot, driving force behind the tour, motivated the crowd with his speech. Ex-pro Johnny Hoogerland joined, adding excitement and anticipation.

Assistance and Support on the Ride

Tour assistants, Peter Zaaijer and Jelle Taams, were ready in the broom wagon by ten o’clock. They offered support, food, drinks, and spare parts for any technical issues. To keep them engaged, John Koot made sure there were flats to fix. At “De Gouden Karper” in Rustenburg, the cyclists refueled with local apple pie. Spirits remained high despite the weather forecast.

Weather Challenges and Unwavering Determination

Heavy showers and a hailstorm tested the cyclists, but their determination only grew. Johnny Koot, Johnny Hoogerland, Mathieu, and Johan helped close gaps and overcome challenges.Most participants triumphantly reached the finish line, overcoming obstacles along the way. A lively after party awaited everyone back in Zaandam, with delicious food courtesy of Lex.

Join Us Again Next Year!

The CoNet Cycling Tour 2017 was a great success. Thanks to all participants and contributors. We can’t wait to see you next year!

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