CoNet is growing fast, with a steadily increasing number of projects. That is why we are about to expand our Zaandam branch and will be hiring extra hands for the Rotterdam office.

When you offer quality, deliver on promises and understand each other without having to spell it out, the result is agreeable cooperation. Existing clients gladly return and new ones know where to find you. That is how things are done at CoNet and that is why clients entrust us with ever more exciting projects, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

From the very beginning of CoNet our focus has been on specialization. We wanted to be the best Siemens specialist, and we succeeded. We are the biggest Siemens specialist in the Netherlands, and our internationa reputation is growing as well. Not only are we a certified Siemens partner, but we are also the only company in the Netherlands that is both a certified PCS 7 Process Safety Specialist and a COMOS partner. Our software-engineers, project managers and other professionals are working on mouth-watering projects.

These exciting projects are not the only reason why people like working for CoNet, the special ‘CoNet-DNA’ is also a big factor. We are pretty idiosyncratic at CoNet and our organization’s structure very much reflects who we are. We are all equal at CoNet, there is no hierarchy, we do not categorize people and we like short lines. Our cooperation is excellent and we help each other, after all, two know more than one. We enjoy our lunches together and, when there is enough time, we shoot some pool. We organize a few trips every year and the annual staff weekend is legendary. People at CoNet really enjoy their job and everyone feels right at home real fast. And that is a good thing: our growth is spectacular, so we welcome new CoNet employees on a regular basis.

But enjoying your work also depends on the place of business. We all love industry at CoNet, so what better place than a former factory to work from? Through the windows of the former Verkade plant in Zaandam we can see freighters passing by on the Zaan river. It really is a magnificent view. We also feel right at home in the vibrant Van Nelle factory in Rotterdam, where we have had offices for some years now. Luckily both places offer ample space for expansion. We will soon start to open up another piece of the Verkade factory and make it CoNet-proof. There will be new work stations as well as new CoNet people, the same goes for Rotterdam. We’ll really need them as there are some excellent projects coming our way.

Would you like to know more about our company, our projects and/or our job openings? Then please contactus.