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Enhancing Process Control

In the fiercely competitive steel market, even minor process improvements can directly translate into increased profits. Tata Steel recognized the need to enhance their DVL3 process, focusing on improving the technical reporting system, reducing product wastage, and optimizing efficiency.
CoNet Maintenance took up the challenge of improving process control at Tata Steel. Their initial accomplishment was a firmware update for ET200S, and with the assistance of a team of Siemens specialists, they thoroughly examined various aspects of the process to identify areas for improvement.

A Highly Successful Project:

The comprehensive project led by CoNet Maintenance can be deemed highly successful. Thanks to enhanced process feedback, Tata Steel witnessed a significant reduction in product failure and downtime. These improvements contributed to a more cost-effective overall process, benefiting the company’s bottom line. CoNet’s successful collaboration with Tata Steel resulted in substantial process optimization and cost efficiency. By improving the technical reporting system, reducing product failure, and minimizing downtime, Tata Steel achieved greater profitability and competitiveness in the challenging steel market. Through proactive efforts like these, companies can continue to enhance their operations and drive success in their respective industries.

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