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Allseas – crane control under the microscope

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The Arrival and Operational Challenges of a 382m-long Ship

In January 2015, a massive 382-meter-long ship built by Daewoo in South Korea arrived in Rotterdam, Netherlands, for its final outfitting. However, operational challenges arose when the ship’s crane control system proved to be incomplete, unreliable, and difficult to maintain. Addressing this crucial issue became a priority, and CoNet was approached to take up the task of revamping the crane and lift control.

The Challenge
Inadequate Software and Non-compliance with Standards

CoNet discovered significant flaws in the crane control system, with the software being the primary culprit. It was incomplete, rendering the entire system unreliable and challenging to maintain. To make matters worse, the existing setup did not meet the requirements set forth by the current Lloyds Register and NORSOK guidelines. Rectifying these issues was crucial to ensure the ship’s safe and efficient operations.

CoNet’s Solution
Enhancing the Control System and Future-proofing Maintenance

CoNet’s team got to work, focusing on crucial aspects that needed improvement. They started by modifying the wiring diagrams and updating the controller to achieve the required compliance. This enhancement not only addressed the immediate issues but also set the foundation for a more reliable and future-proof control system.
Furthermore, CoNet paid special attention to error handling and reporting mechanisms. By optimizing these aspects, the team provided an essential advantage to the customer – the ability to adapt and maintain the control system with ease, leading to significant improvements in overall operations.

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