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LASS Anti Surge Control in PCS7

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Linde Gas, a Global Industrial Gas Supplier

Linde Gas, a part of the Linde Group, is a leading provider of industrial gases worldwide. With a vast network comprising over 600 branches and employing sixty thousand professionals across more than one hundred countries, the Linde Group is an industry giant. In the Netherlands, Linde Gas operates two production sites in Rotterdam and IJmuiden, with the latter housing one of Europe’s largest air separation plants.

CoNet Implements LASS for Linde Gas

Arnold de Laat, the plant manager of Linde Gas Benelux’s IJmuiden facility, sought to optimize their compressor control systems. Linde Gas primarily produces oxygen and nitrogen, catering to major customers such as steel producer Tata Steel and the Gasunie. Recognizing the limitations of existing control systems, Linde Gas engaged CoNet to implement the Linde Anti Surge System (LASS) into their Siemens PCS7 version 7.1 DCS system.

Enhancing Compressor Functionality

Compressors play a crucial role in Linde Gas’ air separation process, where gases like air and nitrogen are compressed to the desired pressure. However, the control systems accompanying the compressors provided limited functionality, constraining their performance. This challenge was not unique to Linde Gas but affected most compressors across their facilities, leading to dependence on manufacturers and additional costs for regulations and commissioning.

A Game-Changing Solution

Linde Gas developed the Linde Anti Surge System (LASS) to address these limitations. LASS is an intelligent and user-friendly software solution that measures and regulates various process parameters. It enables compressors to operate closer to the surge line and offers dynamic configuration options for independent measuring ranges on the suction and pressure sides. LASS surpasses the capabilities of the manufacturer-supplied systems, delivering superior accuracy and control.

CoNet and Linde Gas as a Dream Team

The project had a scheduled duration of three months, during which CoNet and Linde Gas collaborated seamlessly. The joint team included process technologists, project managers, engineers, and technicians from both companies. Their shared understanding and efficient coordination facilitated a smooth project execution from start to finish.

Programming Excellence and Thorough Testing

CoNet followed its established project schedule, starting with understanding Linde Gas’ requirements. Programming was conducted in a virtual environment, followed by rigorous testing with Linde Gas’s participation. After approval, maintenance and adjustment of instrumentation were carried out on the first compressor within one week. The team then programmed the software and conducted additional test days while the machine was operational. This process was replicated for the second compressor, ensuring consistency.

The Result: Enhanced Efficiency and Stable Operations

Arnold expresses complete satisfaction with the achieved results. The implementation of LASS led to significant improvements in ease of use, energy efficiency, and stability. Operators now benefit from a wider operating range and increased insights into the machine’s performance. With automatic adaptation to varying pressure levels, energy consumption is reduced, and pipeline pressure has become more stable, benefiting both Linde Gas and its customers.

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