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Upscaling processes – both a challenge and an opportunity!

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Balancing Investments and Panic Expansion

The process of upscaling components is crucial, as it presents unique opportunities. However, allocating financial resources too early may result in investments in non-critical areas. On the other hand, delaying investments can create a mismatch between production capacity and market demands, leading to rushed and poorly planned panic investments and expansions. Cargill was well aware of these challenges and aimed to invest in both quality and capacity during their expansion.

Unleashing Opportunities: Integration and Compatibility through PCS 7

Cargill recognized that upscaling processes offered advantages such as improved integration with other factory and process areas, as well as forward and backward integration with other organizational processes. They made a straightforward decision to choose the PCS 7 platform, which facilitated seamless integration with other plant systems like Simatic Batch and MES. Additionally, it made hardware upscaling easier, allowing them to replace ABB controllers and remote IOs with higher compatible PCS 7 alternatives. These investments ensured future upscaling and compatibility on both local and global levels.

Efficiency: Fine-Tuning and Future-Proofing

Consequently, the user interface was enhanced, incorporating touch panels to facilitate in-process input and fine-tuning. This not only increased the current production capacity but also secured future extensibility and long-term compatibility with other process areas. In short, Cargill’s approach made them future-ready.

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