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Cargill upgrades Aurora 1 to PCS 7

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A factory maintenance stop should be as efficient as possible, maximizing the use of downtime to overhaul and update systems and functionality. It presents a prime opportunity to bring an increasingly outdated process section up to the latest standards and enhance its functionality.

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Cargill’s Extensive Modifications

Cargill had scheduled a maintenance stop for its Aurora 1 plant, enlisting the services of CoNet Maintenance to implement a wide range of modifications, upgrades, and migrations. One of the key objectives was to migrate from S7 to PCS 7 and Drive Es software, while also expanding integration with the newer Aurora 2 plant.

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Test Environment for Thorough System Testing

To minimize downtime, a test environment was created, enabling thorough testing of the upcoming new systems. This not only allowed plant operators to evaluate and familiarize themselves with the new control systems but also facilitated the identification and resolution of any issues that emerged during the testing process.

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Enhance Process Control System

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