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At CoNet you can graduate with S88 and TIA Portal

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Enhancing Efficiency and Empowering Young Engineers

Beer and ICT are an inseparable duo, and Justin Kharpatoe, a student of higher professional education (hbo) in technical computer science, is poised to delve into their harmonious relationship. Tasked with an intriguing graduation internship, Justin aims to actively automate an organic beer brewery on behalf of CoNet. Armed with the powerful tools of S88 and TIA Portal, he is determined to make significant strides in this exciting venture.

Delivering Customer-centric Projects with Real Impact

In their final internships, technical hbo students face the challenge of creating projects that genuinely benefit end customers. These projects must possess clear beginnings and ends, resulting in tangible and practical outcomes. Ideal opportunities arise when students have a genuine affinity for collaborating with companies aligned with their passions. At CoNet, we thoroughly understand the importance of this aspect.

CoNet and Ramses Bier Brewery: A Perfect Match

The Ramses Bier brewery, a traditional and organic establishment nestled in Wagenberg, Brabant, approached CoNet with a unique proposition: the gradual automation of their brewing process, which currently relies solely on manual labor. Recognizing the immense potential to develop a versatile application for generating small-scale process installations, CoNet eagerly embraced the collaboration. Consequently, this project became an ideal platform for multiple hbo students to actively engage in their final internships.

Empowering Young Engineers and Establishing Accessible Standards

CoNet envisions this project as a dynamic “teaching ground,” where we actively create an accessible standard for our customers. Simultaneously, our goal is to provide junior engineers with invaluable exposure to S88 programming and empower them to gain hands-on experience. We aim to make S88 programming an indispensable skill for aspiring engineers, and Justin will be spearheading this impactful initiative.

Are you an aspiring engineer seeking hands-on experience and eager to make a meaningful impact? CoNet wholeheartedly welcomes talented individuals like you to join our team. Take an active step today and contact us at Embark on an exciting journey of automation, innovation, and personal growth. Together, let’s actively shape the future!