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At CoNet you can graduate with S88 and TIA Portal

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Beer and ICT go hand in hand. Justin Kharpatoe knows all about it. As a student of higher professional education (hbo) in technical computer science, he has a very interesting graduation internship to complete. He has the honour to automate an organic beer brewery on behalf of CoNet. Or at least make a good start. The tools he uses? S88 and TIA Portal.

During their final internship, technical hbo students must deliver a project that really benefits end customers: a project with a beginning and an end, and a usable end result. The best graduation projects are, of course, for companies with which students have an affinity. Fortunately, we at CoNet know how to handle this.

The traditional and organic Ramses Bier brewery from Wagenberg, Brabant, has asked CoNet to gradually automate the brewing process, which is still completely done by hand. In turn, we, as CoNet, want to develop an application with which we can easily generate small process installations. Add these two things together and you’ll have a perfect final internship, or actually several final internships, because this project lends itself perfectly for several hbo students.

The result of this ‘teaching ground’, as we call it, is that we develop an accessible standard for customers. At the same time, we want to give junior engineers an idea of S88 programming and, above all, let them gain experience with it. In other words: we want S88 to be of good use for the youngsters and Justin will make a start.