The annual (external) follow up audit was carried out by SGS at the end of April. These Q-effect consultants have been successfully monitoring this process for a number of years now.

This time around SGS chose to send us new auditors – unknown to us anyway - with an IT background. It was clear that these new SGS auditors had to find their bearings first; what they were presented with was quite different from what they usually get to see.

It is of course typical for CoNet to also manage the ISO 9001 and VCA** systems in their own way; the entire system – including the registrations - is fully IT implemented. Anything ranging from findings and complaints to keeping records of minutes and points of action; everything is entirely integrated into the web-based quality and safety manual.

Just a few quotes from the auditor:

"the safety and quality system is fully IT implemented…"

"I was very much impressed… "

"I’ve never seen anything like it…"

So, what they told us by the end of the audit was: “We really would like to congratulate you on the well designed, organized, digital information system. Despite the informal and seemingly free atmosphere, there is a well-structured method behind it all. We have no doubt that this is the secret behind CoNet’s success.”

We didn’t quite know what to say after so much praise.

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