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Cargill Germany – Multiple Press migration

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Benefits of PCS 7 for Future Expansion and Efficiency:

Cargill Berlin chose CoNet Zaandam BV to migrate 9 cacao presses from the current S5 and S7 systems to the PCS 7 platform. This decision was driven by the need for future expansions, improved efficiency, and CoNet’s expertise in Cargill’s production environment and PCS 7 migrations.
The PCS 7 platform was chosen because it allows for easy implementation of future expansions. Additionally, the availability of a tested and documented library further supported the decision to migrate to PCS 7.

The Chosen Expert

CoNet Zaandam BV was awarded the migration project due to their extensive experience in PCS 7 migrations and their familiarity with Cargill’s production environment. Their expertise ensured a successful migration despite limited local support.
CoNet’s team had prior experience with other Cargill press installations, which made the implementation of new hardware and software nearly risk-free. This expertise resulted in minimal downtime during the migration process.

For reliable and efficient migration services, contact CoNet Zaandam BV today at Experience seamless transitions and expert support for all your future expansion needs.