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Successful Implementation of PCS7 for System Replacement and Upgrades

In this article, we will discuss the successful deployment of PCS7 to replace the existing DOS2000 system, InTouch visualization software, and S7 hardware. Additionally, the project involved upgrading dosing silo systems to meet ATEX specifications and integrating MES functionality. The CoNet team embraced this challenging endeavor and achieved remarkable results.

Replacing the Existing Systems:

To ensure a comprehensive system upgrade, the CoNet team undertook the task of replacing the DOS2000 system, InTouch visualization software, and S7 hardware. This required the deployment of Simatic PCS7, which offered advanced features for future adjustments and expansions.

As part of the project, the CoNet team successfully upgraded four dosing silo systems to meet the ATEX specifications. By integrating Simatic PCS7 and Batch, the team ensured the seamless operation of these systems, enabling easier future updates and expansions. Moreover, the implementation complied with the international Cargill standard, guaranteeing consistent performance and reliability.

Integration with MES:

In response to specific requirements, the CoNet team achieved successful integration with MES through Simatic Batch API and Siwarex modules. By replacing the outdated DOS2000 weighing systems, the team enhanced the efficiency and accuracy of the overall system. This integration paved the way for streamlined processes and improved data management.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance

The CoNet team prioritized safety throughout the project. With careful attention to detail, they ensured that the realized system complied with the ATEX specifications and requirements. By implementing necessary measures, the team created a safe working environment for operators and met the highest industry standards. The implementation of Simatic PCS7 for system replacement and upgrades was a major success. The CoNet team’s dedication and technical expertise resulted in a fully functional and compliant system. This project not only met the immediate needs but also provided a solid foundation for future adjustments and expansions.

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