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Collaboration CoNet and VX Company – Partners in IT

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CoNet, a leader in industrial automation, and VX Company have joined forces in a long-term collaboration aimed at enhancing software development and management. This partnership aims to professionalize CoNet’s approach to developing tools and applications, leveraging VX Company’s expertise in the field.

CoNet’s Custom Approach to Software Development

CoNet has always been dedicated to custom work for its clients, providing tailored solutions in the form of tools and applications. When off-the-shelf solutions were unavailable, costly, or not user-friendly, CoNet engineers would develop them in-house. This approach has been highly satisfactory for clients. However, as CoNet started creating tools with broader appeal, they faced a decision: should they specialize in IT themselves or seek a specialist partner?

The Need for Collaboration

With rapid developments in IT and its increasing integration into the industrial automation sector, CoNet realized the importance of aligning with a company like VX Company, which possesses specialized knowledge and skilled professionals. CoNet acknowledges that matching VX Company’s level of expertise would take considerable time, making a collaboration essential to accelerate their progress in the IT domain.

Choosing the Right Partner

CoNet took a thoughtful approach in selecting the ideal partner. They explored two different routes with potential collaborators, considering factors such as flexibility, corporate culture, working methods, and communication. Given the unique nature of industrial automation, it was crucial for the chosen partner to comprehend CoNet’s operations and the industry’s intricacies. VX Company emerged as the preferred choice due to their attentive listening, compatible corporate culture, and valuable solutions.

The Specialist in Business Applications and Data

VX Company brings its expertise in business applications and data to the collaboration. Martijn Duiveman, a Solution Architect and developer at VX, emphasizes the importance of a standardized approach to software development and tooling to enhance controllability. As a first step, they introduced a development environment based on Visual Studio Team Services, a Microsoft product, to ensure code quality and automate application deployment.

Fostering Collaboration and Development

Collaboration takes precedence in the partnership between CoNet and VX Company. VX Company actively engaged with CoNet’s engineers, attentively listening to their needs, obstacles, and processes. Their role was to facilitate the development process, enabling engineers to create new software, write and review code, and learn from each other. This investment in process improvement and tooling not only ensures faster implementation, a user-friendly interface, and quicker bug resolution but also equips all CoNet engineers with the necessary skills.

Enhancing Support and Stability

CoNet previously faced uncertainties when relying on custom tools or applications developed by individual engineers. Challenges could arise if the developer was unavailable due to travel or illness. However, with the collaboration and standardization brought by VX Company, CoNet now guarantees 24/7 support. This assurance, combined with the streamlined development process, instills confidence in customers and ensures their continued satisfaction.

A Long-Term Commitment

The collaboration with VX Company extends beyond being a typical customer relationship. CoNet and VX Company are building a long-term partnership that involves more than just implementing a development environment. It encompasses continuous training of CoNet engineers and the possibility of secondment, allowing CoNet to tap into external resources when needed. This flexibility in capacity provides both CoNet and its customers with added certainty.

The Engineers’ Perspective

CoNet’s engineers find the collaboration highly rewarding as it introduces new dimensions to their work. In addition to industrial automation and software development, they now engage with cloud integration, a valuable feature for international companies. With knowledge stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere, CoNet can serve customers across the globe. The engineers embrace these developments with enthusiasm, as technical individuals thrive on continuous growth. CoNet provides them the opportunity to indulge their curiosity and expertise, resulting in improved service efficiency for customers.

The collaboration between CoNet and VX Company is a unique experience where two distinct worlds converge. By leveraging each other’s strengths and expertise, they can better serve their customers and adapt to the evolving landscape of industrial automation and software development. Together, they create a synergy that propels their organizations forward and ensures continued innovation and customer satisfaction. To learn more about our collaborative solutions and how CoNet can enhance your software development and management, get in touch with our team today. Contact us at and let’s embark on a journey of innovation together.