Twenty-seven years ago, René van het Kaar, Marco Ootes, and Cees Hus founded CoNet out of necessity. Little did they know that their industrial automation firm would achieve immense success. Today, CoNet boasts two branches, 45 employees, and a client list filled with prestigious names. But for them, this is just the beginning.

The Humble Beginnings

CoNet’s story began in 1996 when Marco Ootes and Cees Hus were working at René van het Kaar’s machine factory, which produced cigarette packing machines sold worldwide. When the company faced challenges, Ootes decided to start his own business, MoCoNet. However, a promising commission from Hoogovens (now Tata Steel) came their way, leading them to embrace the challenge and establish CoNet.

Specialization and Success

CoNet quickly realized its potential to excel in Factory Automation (FA), particularly with Siemens products, owing to their prior experience. The company set an ambitious goal to become one of the best industrial installers in the Netherlands, and within four years, they achieved it. CoNet’s turnover doubled annually, and their expertise in Siemens products earned them recognition in the industry.

Growth and Expertise

CoNet’s dedication to monitoring technological developments led to their transformation into a certified Siemens partner in Factory Automation and Process Automation. They are the sole company in the Netherlands certified as a PCS 7 Process Safety Specialist and Siemens COMOS partner. With around 40 to 50 thousand hours of engineering annually, they dominate in PCS 7 solutions.

A Sustainable Vision

Anticipating the importance of sustainability, CoNet embraced corporate social responsibility, green energy, and other environmentally friendly practices. Their expertise in Smart Grid technology enabled them to coordinate energy supply and demand optimally. The company aims to play a significant role in offshore wind farms worldwide, solidifying their position as the best in the Netherlands and Europe.

CoNet and Verkade: A Shared Vision

CoNet shares similarities with Verkade, an iconic brand in the Netherlands. Both companies emphasize innovation, investment, and expansion. Just as Verkade was a pioneer in chocolate and cake production, CoNet became a market leader in Siemens PCS 7 Process Automation. Moreover, CoNet’s location in the former Verkade factory demonstrates their commitment to preserving industrial heritage and supporting Dutch industry.

A Tailor-Made Environment

CoNet believes in offering tailor-made solutions not only to clients but also to their employees. Their offices in Zaandam and Rotterdam provide inspiring environments for young professionals. Their workforce thrives in these unique industrial settings, contributing to their continued success.

Looking for tailor-made industrial automation solutions? Contact CoNet today at and experience excellence in Factory Automation and Process Automation. Join us in our mission to “Keep The Dutch Industry Alive” and be a part of our inspiring work environment at the heart of industrial heritage. Together, let’s build a better future.