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Collaboration CoNet and VX Company – Partners in IT

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Introducing a New Era of Industrial Automation and IT Integration

CoNet, a leading player in industrial automation, has partnered with VX Company, an expert in business applications and data, in a long-term collaboration aimed at revolutionizing software development and management. Eric Bakker of CoNet explains, “While we have always excelled at creating custom tools and applications for our clients, each engineer had their own approach. It was time to streamline and professionalize our processes. VX Company emerged as the ideal partner to help us achieve this.”

Uniting Industrial Automation and IT: A Game-Changing Collaboration

Industrial automation and software development may seem like two different worlds, but for CoNet, custom work has always been at the heart of their customer service. As Bakker notes, “If a project requires a unique tool or application that isn’t readily available or proves to be expensive or user-unfriendly, our engineers simply develop it in-house. Our customers have been highly satisfied with this approach. However, we’ve recently created several tools that have caught the interest of a broader user base. This led us to question whether we should specialize in IT ourselves or seek the expertise of a specialist.”

Embracing the Future: The Need for In-Depth Collaboration

Acknowledging the rapid pace of IT advancements and the convergence of IT and industrial automation, CoNet realized the need for a deep collaboration with a company like VX to accelerate their progress. “VX Company already possesses the specialized knowledge and skilled professionals that would take us a considerable amount of time to cultivate. It’s time for us to embark on this in-depth collaboration,” Bakker affirms.

Selecting the Perfect Partner: VX Company’s Expertise Shines

CoNet carefully evaluated potential partners and ultimately selected VX Company based on their shared values, flexible approach, compatible corporate culture, and effective communication. Understanding CoNet’s unique domain and requirements was crucial, and VX Company proved to be attentive listeners, offering valuable solutions. Martijn Duiveman, Solution Architect and developer at VX, explains, “We quickly understood CoNet’s vision. Although CoNet engineers are proficient in software development, each had their own background perspective. To ensure greater control and consistency, we focused on standardizing the development process and introduced a Visual Studio Team Services-based environment for code quality assurance and automated customer application deployment.”

Collaboration and Growth: A Journey of Innovation

Duiveman emphasizes that collaboration was paramount to the partnership. “We worked closely with the engineers, understanding their challenges, processes, and needs. Our role was to facilitate the development process and we’re still in the early stages. The engineers are actively creating new software, coding, testing, and reviewing each other’s work. This iterative learning process ensures faster implementation, user-friendly interfaces, shorter time-to-market, efficient bug resolution, and most importantly, enables all CoNet engineers to work harmoniously.”

Enhanced Support and Customer Satisfaction: The Value of Standardization

CoNet’s decision to collaborate with VX Company brings greater certainty to their products and services. Eric Bakker explains, “Previously, there was an element of risk when developing custom tools or applications. If the software developer was unavailable, resolving any issues became problematic. However, now we offer 24/7 support and, thanks to the standardization process, we can easily fulfill this commitment.”

Building a Long-Term Partnership: Collaboration Beyond Expectations

The collaboration between CoNet and VX Company extends beyond a mere customer-vendor relationship. Bakker emphasizes, “We are building a long-term partnership. This collaboration encompasses more than just implementing a development environment; it includes ongoing training for our engineers and the ability to tap into VX Company’s expertise when needed. This flexibility ensures peace of mind for us and our customers.”

A World of New Possibilities: Empowering CoNet’s Engineers

The engineers at CoNet are excited about the possibilities this collaboration brings. Bakker reveals, “Our engineers find the expanded playing field incredibly fascinating. Linking to the cloud, for instance, has opened up new horizons, particularly for international companies. Cloud-based knowledge allows us to serve customers worldwide. Our engineers are highly enthusiastic and motivated to take on new challenges. CoNet provides them with the perfect platform to indulge their passion. This unique collaboration of two distinct worlds enables us to serve our customers with enhanced efficiency and excellence.”

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