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CoNet develops the first ever ‘High-voltage Safety Simulator’

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Revolutionizing High-voltage Safety Testing with CoNet’s Test Box

CoNet, in collaboration with Siemens, has achieved an extraordinary feat as the sole company worldwide to possess an in-house Energy Test & Development center. We are thrilled to announce that we are the first-ever Siemens partner to develop a revolutionary test box capable of simulating diverse high-voltage environments. Whether it’s a wind farm, a network, or an entire industrial zone, our High-voltage Safety Simulator allows for real-life testing of safety systems, ensuring their functionality even in the most demanding scenarios. With the establishment of the cutting-edge CoNet Test & Development Center, we are spearheading high-voltage automation into a new era of unparalleled safety on a global scale.

CoNet: The Trusted Specialist in Energy Solutions

Siemens, a renowned leader in technical Smart Grid and Energy solutions, has consistently excelled in the field. Over the past two decades, CoNet has emerged as the go-to specialist for Siemens in Process and Factory Automation. Building upon our expertise, we have now expanded our competences to include Energy. Siemens has developed Siprotec specifically for this market, offering devices that safeguard, automate, measure, and control high and medium-voltage networks. The safety tests conducted using the Omicron program have been indispensable. However, until now, the programming and testing of automated high-voltage networks took place on-site, exposing individuals to safety risks. Moreover, the scarcity of certified professionals for this specialized work further compounded the challenges.

The Vision: Simulating High-voltage Environments Safely

Naturally, CoNet pondered, “If we engineer and configure high-voltage safeties, how can we test them safely? Wouldn’t it be remarkable if we could simulate high-voltage environments without endangering lives or disrupting the high-voltage field?” It became evident that the advanced hardware we envisioned did not exist. Nevertheless, CoNet thrives on overcoming obstacles, firmly believing that if something is absent, we shall create it ourselves.

Unveiling the CoNet Test & Development Box

In September of last year, the Test & Development Box was delivered to our state-of-the-art facility in Zaandam. Developed by CoNet in collaboration with Siemens hardware, this Box empowers us to reverse engineer virtually any high-voltage environment, whether it be a wind farm, a network, or an entire plant. With the Box, we can effortlessly configure, program, and test simulated situations. By installing and programming safety software, we ensure that our principals can have complete confidence in the functionality of their safeties, even in the face of incorrect circuits, malfunctions, or hazardous circumstances.

Comprehensive Solutions and Expertise at Your Service

Complementing our Test & Development center, we offer an array of software solutions and employ dedicated specialists at your service. Our team of Energy engineers stands among the finest in their field, having successfully completed Siemens Energy Technique training, including the esteemed Siemens Installation Responsibility/High-voltage Responsibility (IV/WV) courses. The IV focuses on operational management of installations, while the WV ensures circuit safety and safeguards work on the installation.

Contact Us for In-depth Knowledge and Assistance

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