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CoNet lifts HVC’s Warmtenet to the next level Energy,PLC projects

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HVC, the largest non-commercial waste collector in the Netherlands, has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past 25 years. What began as the construction of a modern waste energy plant in Alkmaar has evolved into a sustainable waste management company focused on raw material reuse and renewable energy generation. Serving 46 municipalities and 6 water boards in North Holland, South Holland, Flevoland, and Friesland, HVC has expanded its operations to include the development and construction of renewable energy plants such as wind farms, solar parks, and heating systems.

Advantages of HVC’s Heat Sink System

HVC’s innovative heat sink system harnesses the residual heat generated from burning waste, converting it into hot water that is distributed through underground pipelines to residential and industrial areas. By eliminating the need for individual boilers, this system not only eliminates the costs associated with boiler maintenance and gas bills but also reduces CO2 emissions by an impressive 75%.

Unifying Systems with CoNet

To ensure operational efficiency and compatibility across different systems, HVC sought a unified automation system for their heating infrastructure. Their previous positive experience with CoNet, who had previously upgraded their bioenergy plant and worked on projects at other HVC locations, led them to approach CoNet for assistance. CoNet’s expertise in Siemens products and their alignment with HVC’s vision made them the ideal partner for this telemetry assignment.

Streamlining Control Rooms and Stations

CoNet collaborated closely with HVC to equip their control rooms in Alkmaar and Dordrecht, as well as strategic control stations in the heating network, with Siemens software and hardware. They developed a customized automation program that provides a comprehensive overview of the heating system’s status on a user-friendly screen interface. This visual representation enables immediate action in response to malfunctions, ensuring efficient problem resolution either digitally or through on-site diagnostics and repairs.

Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Savings

Thanks to the implementation of CoNet’s unified automation system, HVC’s control stations now operate seamlessly on the same system, communicating wirelessly and eliminating the complexities associated with multiple systems. This integration significantly reduces costs and time, allowing for easy replication of the system for new control stations in the expanding network. The return on investment is expected within a few years, making this collaboration a success story for HVC.

The Value of Real-Time Insights

With the new system in place, HVC benefits from real-time monitoring of the heating system’s performance through the user-friendly screen interface. This invaluable feature allows them to generate charts and metrics using their PGIM analysis software, providing accurate insights into energy consumption patterns. Armed with this information, HVC can continuously improve their yield and service, further enhancing their commitment to sustainability.

CoNet’s expertise and professionalism have been instrumental in the success of HVC’s automation projects. If you’re looking for specialized automation solutions, including Siemens products, contact CoNet today at Discover how their tailored approaches and industry knowledge can revolutionize your operations.