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Alkmaarse waste powerplant upgrade PCS7

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HVC’s Focus on Sustainability and Climate Goals

HVC, an energy and waste utility company, has tasked CoNet with a comprehensive project aimed at increasing web security, upgrading software and hardware to the latest versions, and improving overall engineering efficiency. HVC is committed to supporting the climate goals set by its 48 municipalities and 6 water authorities shareholders. To achieve this, HVC is emphasizing the sustainability of energy supply for participating public bodies, alongside waste collection and raw material management efforts.

CoNet’s Assignment at the Bio-Energy Plant in Alkmaar

CoNet took on the project at HVC’s bio-energy plant located in Alkmaar, where they set out to implement the required improvements. During the improvement cycle, CoNet upgraded the existing PCS 7 environment from version v6 to v7 and finally to v8. Additionally, new servers and clients were transferred to two central locations, and a standardized software solution was implemented, replacing the existing Power Solution Library.

Advantages, Benefits and Expanding Possibilities

The project brought numerous advantages to HVC’s systems, including enhanced protection against virus attacks and malware. With fully supported hardware and software, HVC now enjoys improved continuity and operational reliability, positioning them well for the future.

Expanding Possibilities

For those interested in PCS 7 solutions or considering an upgrade to their current environment, CoNet invites them to get in touch to explore the possibilities and benefits further, contact us today at