“Increase (web)security, upgrade soft and hardware to the latest versions and improve engineering efficiency overall”, that was, in a nutshell, what HVC commissioned CoNet to do.

HVC is an energy and waste utility company of which 48 municipalities and 6 water authorities are the shareholders. To make a significant contribution to the climate goals that these shareholders have set, HVC is putting a strong focus on the sustainability of energy supply for the public bodies participating in HVC, next to their efforts regarding waste collection and raw material management.

HVC’s headquarters, several of their subdivisions, one of two waste-to-energy plants and the bio-energy plant, are all situated in Alkmaar. And it was in the bio-energy plant in Alkmaar that CoNet went to work on this assignment. Scope In the course of the improvement cycle CoNet upgraded the existing PCS 7 environment from a version v6 via v7 to v8. On top of that, new servers and clients were transferred to two central locations. While doing this, a standardized software solution, one capable of replacing the existing Power Solution Library, was also implemented. Advantages Systems enjoy once again optimum protection against virus attacks and malware. Hardware and software are now fully supported again, ensuring continuity and operational reliability. This way HVC is now literally ready for the future! Would you like to learn more about PCS 7 solutions, or are you considering upgrading your current PCS 7 environment? Please feel free to contact us!