Recently, the boys who together form the team KFC JO 17-2 are the owners of a brand new outfit.
It concerns the tracksuits and running shirts of the new JAKO clothing line.
In mid-February ’18 a complete competition outfit will be added.
The team is doing very well with their trainer / coach Jamie Snijder;
with a tight and neat field game they are undefeated at the top of the 1st class 02!

KFC JO 17-2 is a balanced team consisting of 5 different nationalities.
The players all have the ambition to become KFC JO 17-1 next year. The current 17-1 is also at the top.
This makes that has KFC the most successful youth education program of Zaanstad within amateur football.
At CoNet we admire this motivation and ambition and we are proud that we can be seen on the suit of this top team!