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CoNet Supports Brewery De Moersleutel’s Expansion

Most people know what crowdfunding is, but beerfunding? Yes, it does exist! Brewery De Moersleutel from Alkmaar wanted to expand and created a beer fund promotion to make that happen. Beer, beer engineers, beerfunding; it sounded like music to our ears. No doubt CoNet wanted to support De Moersleutel with advice and assistance.

The Journey of De Moersleutel Brewery

Brewery De Moersleutel belongs to brothers Pim, Tom, Rob, and Max Zomerdijk from Heiloo. All cousins of our one and only Johan Zomerdijk: CoNet engineer in heart and soul. When he came up with the story of the beer fund, we were immediately excited.

Experimenting and Unique Beers

It all started a few years ago. Together with a friend, father Sjaak started brewing beer as a hobby: Vriendenbier (Friends Beer ed.). Because the barn soon became too small, the friends moved to the former kitchens of the mental health care institution (GGZ) in Heiloo. Mother Margreet helped where she could, and also Pim, Tom, Rob, and Max were always in the brewery. They started experimenting with special ingredients and developed their unique taste and recipes. The result is sturdy and special beers.

Standout Beers

A remarkable beer is “Motorolie,” which is described by beer connoisseurs as a smoky Russian Imperial Stout with hints of plums, dark chocolate, and coffee. Another beer by De Moersleutel is “Je Moer op de koffie,” an imperial porter brewed with Peeze Yirgacheffe coffee. They also recently brewed “Two Years Dinner,” a fresh Spiced Imperial Stout with Thai curry, ginger, and lemongrass. So when we say special beer, we really mean it!

The Beer Engineers

Pim, Tom, Rob, and Max call themselves “the beer engineers.” That alone appealed to us at CoNet. In 2016, they founded their own brewery, and De Moersleutel became a household name in the international beer scene. However, they needed a larger space to fulfill their future dreams. To finance their expansion, the Zomerdijk brothers created a beer fund. Private individuals and companies were given a subscription to an exclusive “Moersleutel” package in exchange for investments in money, material, or hours. These packages included items such as exclusive barrel-aged beers, T-shirts, and beer glasses. The response was overwhelming.

CoNet’s Support and Automation

In May 2018, thanks to the success of the beer fund, De Moersleutel’s new location became operational. Johan Zomerdijk, with his technical background, played a crucial role in automating the brewing process. CoNet supplied the necessary hardware, including PLC, control boxes, sensors, and switchgear, to optimize the processes.

A Real Improvement

The automation brought significant improvements to De Moersleutel’s operations. The fermentation and cooling systems, previously done by hand and checked visually, are now automated and controlled. This ensures better quality control and peace of mind for the brothers. With the help of CoNet’s technology, the Zomerdijk brothers can focus on other important aspects, such as creating appealing beer names and designing special labels.

Dreams and Future Plans

The Zomerdijk brothers aim to brew 1.5 million liters of he top European breweries. Their dreams have been coming true so far, and CoNet believes that the future of De Moersleutel looks extremely bright. The story of Brewery De Moersleutel’s beerfunding adventure and its collaboration with CoNet showcases the power of passion, innovation, and support. By combining their expertise and resources, they have created a successful brewery with unique and exceptional beers. To learn more about CoNet’s services and support, please reach out to