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DOW Terneuzen – cooling tower overhaul WinCC projects

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Overhauling the Cooling Tower Process Control: CoNet’s Success at DOW Terneuzen

At DOW Terneuzen, the complete overhaul of a cooling tower’s process control became imperative. Recognizing our expertise, CoNet was entrusted with the task of engineering the process to meet modern standards. Additionally, the client expressed the desire for SMS and email alerts. This project presented us with a wonderful opportunity to deliver exceptional results.

Implementing Improvements

One thing leads to another, and this project opened up several avenues for improvement. By enabling process control and visualization through touch screens, we were able to introduce an existing DOW situation, creating a more standardized environment that facilitates future developments. Moreover, the variety of touch screens was reduced, streamlining the system.

Reliable and Maintenance-Friendly Solution

By converting a process control component into a standard Siemens solution, CoNet accomplished a reliable and maintenance-friendly outcome for the customer. This transformation ensures that future adjustments can be implemented efficiently, saving time and resources. In addition to these enhancements, we also implemented the desired SMS and email functionality. At CoNet, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent engineering solutions that meet contemporary standards. If you require process control improvements, system standardization, or the implementation of SMS and email functionality, we are here to help. Contact us today at to discuss your requirements and experience the CoNet difference.