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ICL goes virtual and chooses Siemens Historian

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ICL Fertilizers decided to upgrade their analytic process tools and chose Siematic IT Historian. CoNet was selected to implement the project and update the system to the latest Siematic PCS 7 version.

Implements System Update and Project Execution

CoNet successfully updated the system to the latest Siematic PCS 7 version and implemented the chosen project. Siematic IT Historian offers software functionalities focused on Data Management, Plant Performance, and Plant Information Management. It collects, validates, and manipulates data from real-time and historical sources to improve analytics and support decision making.

CoNet’s Virtualization Solution for Enhanced Efficiency

The implementation of a virtualization solution using VM-Ware ESXi, which virtualized the entire system by CoNet. This approach eliminated outdated software, significantly reducing maintenance needs and the risk of failures. It also resulted in cost savings. If you’re interested in learning more about CoNet’s intelligent solutions, reach out to their sales team at They will gladly provide additional information and address any inquiries.