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DuPont continues the PCS 7 standard

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DuPont’s Surlyn plant underwent a transformation in its process control system, transitioning from S7-style based control with in-house developed S7 blocks within PCS 7. CoNet was tasked with converting these systems to the PCS 7 standard while ensuring the preservation of existing functionality.

Enhancing Control System Functionality and Maintainability

The primary objective of this project was to enhance the control system’s maintainability. Simultaneously, various other improvements were implemented, such as upgrading the control of finished product transportation to storage through SFC-control. Additionally, the opportunity was seized to expand the original functionality and align the process control visualization with other DuPont facilities.

Implementing Improvements and Extending Functionality

These modifications have yielded numerous benefits. Software maintenance has been streamlined, signaling and alarm functions have been enhanced, and operators now have improved visual feedback, resulting in a more efficient and effective control system.

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