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DuPont – upgrades PCS 7 to v7.1SP3

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Seamless Transition and Maximum Efficiency

Process software advancements and the release of newer versions are a constant in today’s dynamic business landscape. While upgrading your process control system brings numerous advantages, such as increased functionality and seamless integration with other components, it is crucial to mitigate risks that may disrupt your production continuity – especially dreaded production downtime!

Masters of PCS 7 Upgrades

When DuPont sought a reliable partner to upgrade their current PCS 6 software environment to the cutting-edge v7.1 SP3, they turned to CoNet Rotterdam. The topmost condition? Absolutely no production downtime! Leveraging their unrivaled expertise in PCS 7 upgrades, CoNet eagerly embraced this mission.

Full Potential: Beyond PCS 7 Upgrade

Not stopping at just the PCS 7 upgrade, the project encompassed a comprehensive approach. CoNet Rotterdam meticulously upgraded the Infi OS90 library and meticulously implemented essential modifications to the OPC server. Every upgrade and system alteration underwent rigorous testing in a secure environment, ensuring seamless implementation.

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