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DuPont waste water treatment project.

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Joining the Drafting Stage

As a System Integrator, we value early project involvement. When DuPont approached CoNet to participate in the drafting stage of the functional design for their waste water treatment control systems, we eagerly accepted the opportunity.

Developing and Testing: CoNet’s Role in the Project

In the subsequent project phase, CoNet took charge of developing and testing the newly designed process control systems. Leveraging our expertise, we ensured a seamless implementation and reliable performance.

A Comprehensive Approach and Minimizing Errors

During the control system implementation, CoNet proficiently utilized both Continuous Function Chart (CFC) and Sequential Function Chart (SFC) methodologies. This comprehensive approach allowed for effective control and monitoring of the waste water treatment process. To minimize errors during project commissioning, CoNet conducted Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) at the skid builder facilities. This rigorous testing involved the actual equipment that would be used in the system, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Profibus DP and PA Expertise: Delivering Benefits to DuPont

Once again, CoNet’s extensive knowledge of Profibus DP and PA, along with our proficiency in PCS7, proved highly advantageous for DuPont and the success of this project. Our expertise in these technologies ensured efficient communication and seamless integration within the control system.
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