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Hilton Meats in Zaandam is renowned for their dedication to continuously and actively improving their production environment, quality, and process management. Recently, Hilton Meats expressed the need for better management of recipe data, including related parameters and their impact on production. CoNet Zaandam eagerly stepped up to assist.

Technical Implementation for Enhanced Control and Integration

In technical terms, the project involved the implementation of Simatic WinCC add-ons: PM-Control and PM-Quality. Additionally, conveyor belt weighing points were seamlessly integrated into the production control system using WinCC flexible touch panels. Furthermore, a crucial link to the SAP R/3 system was established.

Hilton Meats Delighted with Results

The principal at Hilton Meats expressed utmost satisfaction with the results achieved through this project. The improved parameter control, increased FDA functionality, and additional possibilities for enhancing productivity and optimizing product quality were truly appreciated.

If you would like to learn more about this project and how Hilton Meats successfully enhanced their production management and quality control, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team at We would be delighted to provide further details and address any inquiries you may have.