Recently, the boys in the KFC JO 17-2 team were treated to brand new outfits.
They received track suits and warm-up shirts from the new JAKO clothing line.
A full game kit will be added to this in February 2018.
The team, led by trainer/coach Jamie Snijder, is doing extremely well;
their sophisticated game has propelled them to the top of the ranking in 1st class 02, undefeated!

KFC JO 17-2 is a very well balanced team that has players with five different nationalities.
All of these players want to move up to KFC JO’s 17-1 team. By the way, the current 17-1 is also leading their division.
We can safely say that KFC has the most successful amateur soccer youth department in Zaanstad.
At CoNet we admire the motivation and ambition displayed, therefore we are proud to be on this top-team’s outfit!