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Migration for two large nitrogen compressors of Lindegas

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Lindegas and system integrator CoNet achieved a remarkable feat as they seamlessly migrated two large nitrogen compressors to Siemens PCS7 within the allocated time and budget. This project, with a focus on control, security, and efficiency, followed the CSIA-protocol and garnered praise from the principal involved. The smooth progress was the result of meticulous planning, expert cooperation, and a structured approach.

Obtaining Raw Material: Air Separation Process

To kickstart the production process at the Lindegas plant in IJmuiden, air is drawn in and the gases, primarily oxygen and nitrogen, are separated through a controlled and secure process. The resulting liquified air components are then pressurized to 18 bar for efficient transport to major clients Tata Steel and Gasunie. The project revolved around optimizing two key nitrogen compressors responsible for building up the required pressure.

The Migration to Siemens PCS7: Enhancing Control and Security

The migration process entailed transitioning to Siemens PCS7, renowned for its user-friendly interface and integrated control and security software. The critical phase included a comprehensive five-week testing period known as the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). Following approval, the software and security measures seamlessly integrated into the existing PCS7 system. Extensive tests, including security measures, were meticulously conducted during compressor downtime, culminating in the final operational test, the Site Acceptance Test (SAT).

Crucial Preparations and Collaborative Efforts: Laying the Foundation

Success was built upon meticulous preparations. Lindegas’ project engineer developed the Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID), while CoNet’s project manager expertly utilized it to formulate the Functional Design Specifications. Their expertise harmoniously merged, fostering streamlined cooperation and ensuring a comprehensive understanding of project requirements.

Structured Approach and Progressive Milestones: Achieving Success

The project’s seamless progress can be attributed to its structured approach. It began with establishing a well-defined scope, followed by internal and external kick-off meetings with Lindegas’ principal. The project meticulously adhered to the V-model, incorporating validation and feedback after each stage. Comprehensive protocols were implemented to address the established requirements, with all knowledge and documentation meticulously shared with the operators.

Exemplary Execution and Ongoing Partnership: A Model for Success

The successful execution of the project positions it as a shining example of best practices for Lindegas Production. CoNet’s competence in PCS7 implementation has earned them the distinguished status of being Lindegas Benelux’s preferred supplier for the system. With 24/7 support and preventive service entrusted to them, the collaboration between Lindegas and CoNet continues to thrive.

Unleash Efficiency and Seamless Control: Experience the Difference

The migration of the nitrogen compressors by Lindegas and CoNet showcases their expertise, meticulous planning, and efficient execution, all within the designated time and budget. With unwavering focus on control, security, and structured progress, this project serves as a model for future endeavors. The ongoing partnership between Lindegas and CoNet ensures exceptional PCS7 support and preventive services.

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