Cargill Germany – Multiple Press migration

To prepared for future expansions and improve it's efficiency and "up-time" even further, Cargill Berlin decided to migrate 9 of its cocoa presses from the current S5 and S7 to the PCS 7 platform. Partly because of the limited support available locally, but also due to the knowledge of Cargill's production environment in general and PCS 7 migrations in particular, CoNet Zaandam BV was contracted for this project.

The choice for PCS 7 not only came from the knowledge that future expansion could therefore be easily implemented. Also, the fact that a fully tested and documented Library was present helped make the choice for this platform.

Unique about this particular job, was the fact that CoNet's team had ample experience with similar press setups, acquired at previous Cargill projects in The Netherlands. As a result, the new hardware and software could migrate virtually risk-free and the downtime was limited to the extreme.

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