CoNet Consultancy – The Dutch National Opera & Ballet knows how to handle it!

CoNet’s knowledge is not used for the realization of technical solutions alone. Sometimes a client wishes to use or opinion or expertise in order to put together a tendering document. Such was the case with the Amsterdamse Muziektheater. The controls for the technical podium installation were up for replacement. CoNet was asked to draft the tendering document.

What was special about this assignment, was that it called for an extremely safe and reliable result. After all, the podium installation is also used to lift actors and of course because you cannot have a failure happening in front of an audience. Naturally our knowledge regarding Motion Control and Safety came in very handy. The tendering document was further perfected by contributing our engineers’ latest knowledge and technological expertise. And it goes without saying that we remained inside the agreed upon budget and planning.
Do you need specialist knowledge for a tender or an upcoming project? Then let CoNet think along with you. That is something we definitely excel at! Click here.


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