Portfolio Category: Machine Manufacturing

OKAY Industrial Systems B.V. – a weighty task!

Often, an image tells a far better store than text or words can do. In this case, that image shows an enormous crane. More precisely; a 2500 ton crane on-board the vessel Stanislav Yudin. OKAY Industrial Systems B.V. commisioned CoNet to deploy her skills in Step 7 en PLC programming. A challenging job, with over 800 digital en…
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Cargill Germany – Multiple Press migration

To prepared for future expansions and improve it's efficiency and "up-time" even further, Cargill Berlin decided to migrate 9 of its cocoa presses from the current S5 and S7 to the PCS 7 platform. Partly because of the limited support available locally, but also due to the knowledge of Cargill's production environment in general and PCS…
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Van Dam and CoNet challenge the limits.

Challenges come in various categories. Sometimes they are really "geeky"; what if in a production process, the throughput of articles approaches the cycle time of the controlling PLC ? Many engineer will be stimulated by such a challenge. The CoNet engineers not the least! Amsterdam-based company Van Dam manufactures dry offset printing machines. These machines are…
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