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Cargill upgrades Aurora 1 to PCS 7

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A factory maintenance stop is should be as short as possible, whilst still using the downtime to overhaul and update as much systems and functionality as possible. In a way, a stop is the best moment and ultimate opportunity to get a increasingly outdated process section to meet the latest standards and functionality.

Cargill had planned a maintenance stop for her Aurora 1 plant. CoNet Maintenance was hired to implement a huge array of modifications, upgrades and migrations. Amongst the scope was the migration of S7 to PCS 7 and Drive Es software. and extending the integration with the newer Aurora 2 plant.

In order to decrease downtime a test environment was created which allowed thorough testing of the soon to be implemented new systems. This also gave the plant operators a change to test and evaluate the new control systems and get used to slightly different operating procedures. Issues that arouse during these test were identified and solved.

Are you facing a challenging factory stop or are eager to increase the current functionality of your process control system?