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CoNet and Siemens seal their Digital Grid partnership

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Industrial automation expert CoNet is the first Siemens Solution Partner in the field of Digital Grid-technology. Recently the partnership was officially sealed at the CoNet Zaandam site. As partners Siemens and CoNet can supply modern automation solutions and intelligent power grids to industrial clients. This creates opportunities for more sustainability and improved efficiency.

For twenty years now, CoNet has been a certified Siemens Solution Partner for both process automation – using the Simatic PCS7 Process Control System – and Factory Automation. The company applies Siemens technology exclusively. CoNet services several industrial sectors, such as food and beverages, steel and chemical industry. As of July 1st 2019, its management team consists of Sales Director John Koot and Operational Director Eric Bakker.

Complete solutions

John Koot: “As a Solution Partner for automation we build complete solutions. We enjoy a solid reputation; in the market we are known as a PCS7-specialist. We would like to put Siemens technology to work across the full range. It is the market’s demand that we are supplying for. Two years ago, we started to discuss about possible cooperation with Siemens Nederland regarding Digital Grid. This fits perfectly within Siemens’ wider strategy to market these products to the industrial sector through certified partners.’’

Energy transition

Hans van Spronsen, the Business Unit Manager Low Voltage & Products at Siemens: “These past few years, with our portfolio for Digital Grid products, we have focused primarily on Energy network company’s. In the future Siemens will remain the point of contact for network company’s. But in order to also service the market better, we need Solutions Partners. CoNet is positioned in proximity to the market and has the know-how to fuse our industrial and energy solutions. Energy transition is an important driving force behind this new partnership. Nowadays the flows of energy are going in all directions. The classic model, producer-consumer no longer applies; typical energy users, like buildings and households, are often producers, through the use of solar panels for instance. This is driving the demand for Digital Grid-solutions.”


In the future, CoNet customers will have one point of contact for PCS7 and Digital Grid based on Siemens-technology. Implementing one standard platform for these two disciplines is cost efficient. Also, this way only one supplier is needed. This is very convenient because the number of technically trained employees is diminishing, this is also the case in industrial enterprises to. With regard to this new partnership, CoNet has hired extra people. Bakker: “We have an enthusiastic and studious team, with project managers, an account manager, field engineers and programmers, at the ready. It’s a perfect starting point to satisfy any quality requirements and to further our growth.”

Knowledge build-up

In the coming period Siemens and CoNet will further build their partnership. Bakker: “The products that are going to be added are similar to what we are already handling.” Koot: “Siemens will help us in becoming an even more suitable Digital Grid-partner. We will follow the same trajectory as we did when mastering PCS7 and Totally Integrated Automation (TIA). Siemens will provide the training we need to obtain the must-have-certificates. On top of that we will also follow online product courses.” René Manschot will accompany this process as the contact between CoNet and Siemens.

Testing devices

CoNet, meanwhile, invested in testing devices for Siemens’ Digital Grid-software. Koot: “It is important that you test matters like motor safety and surge protection in a simulated environment. In the long run we want to also use these devices for live demonstrations, application training for employees and clients and for assessments.”

Super specialists

CoNet is expecting to show strong growth in the coming years. Cofounder Marco Ootes: “What makes us special, is our specific focus on Siemens. Our employees are all super specialists. We are always looking for new, motivated colleagues and we offer countless opportunities. Our business is not just limited to the Netherlands, we are also positioning ourselves in the international market. We’re automating entire plants abroad and monitor remotely during start-up. We respond  to the digitalization of the industry. Also, companies wish to collect and analyze ever more data in order to increase sustainability and efficiency. Our partnership with Siemens totally makes this possible.”