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DOW Terneuzen – cooling tower overhaul

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DOW Terneuzen – cooling tower overhaul

At DOW Terneuzen, the process control of a cooling tower was due for a complete overhaul. CoNet was asked to engineer the process to meet contemporary standards.  Furthermore, the possibility to generate alerts via SMS or email was expressed. A nice project!

As one thing often leads to another, this project provided several opportunities to implement improvements. As the process control and visualization was enabled via touch screens, an existing DOW situation could be introduced here as well . This was, a more standardised situation was created, making further developments easier. Additionally, the variety of touch screens reduced .

Converting a process control component into a standard Siemens solution realised a reliable and maintenance- friendly solution for the customer. Future adjustments are therefore more efficient to implement. Obviously, CoNet also implemented the SMS and email functionality.