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DuPont – upgrades PCS 7 to v7.1SP3

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Process software can become obsolete or newer software versions are released.  Usually, upgrading the process control system has many advantages; increased functionality and better integration with other process components. However, a risk also exists; a badly implemented conversion or upgrade can jeopardise the production process’ continuity, resulting in something that should always be avoided…production down-time!

DuPont commissioned CoNet Rotterdam to upgrade the current PCS 6 software environment to v7.1 SP3. And one condition was mandatory: NO PRODUCTION DOWN-TIME! With a proven background in PCS 7 upgrades CoNet was eager to meet this challenge.

Besides the mentioned PCS 7 upgrade, the project also included upgrading the Infi OS90 library and implementing the necessary modification of the OPC server. All upgrades and system alterations were first tested in a safe testing environment.  After making sure that the planned upgrades could be implemented successfully, the actually new system was implemented in the live environment. And without down-time!